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Ossicle Hearing Inc. is an inspired and innovative approach to hearing care, audio technologies, and the celebration of sound.  Our mandate is to provide universal access to hearing in all situations for everyone, regardless of hearing ability or setting, with evidence-based clinical underwriting. Our approach is interactive, we love hearing and know you will too!

We currently have two clinical initiatives: one in Kelowna and the other in Fort McMurray, as well as an initiative for musicians and music lovers, and our sound field initiative which provides universal sound field access for educational, entertainment, and professional settings - when a message has to be heard effortlessly, anywhere. Roger that!

Ossicle Initatives:

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Kelowna Hearing - Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre on Ambrosi is our destination clinic with the best in Testing, Treatment and Technology. We believe that the current hearing care model is broken, and we have an alternative approach that changes hearing health care delivery for everyone - whether they have normal hearing who need to understand in noise better, or have hearing aids from elsewhere that we can make work better, or need hearing testing or hearing aids for all ages. We aren’t just another hearing clinic. We also offer Massage and Craniosacral treatment by Trina Collins RMT, counselling in liaison with William & Associates, Dietician services with Brittany Nerpin RHN and community advocacy.  Click here to visit our website: Kelowna Hearing - Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre. 


Ossicle Sound Field Solutions offers the only Dynamic Sound Field system and it is the only one with Universal Design so that everyone in the class benefits - kids with hearing challenges or not, with or without hearing aids and is fully wireless, portable and automatic. It is THE standard in sound field solutions.  We deliver and service everywhere in BC except the Mainland. Click here to visit our website: Ossicle Sound Field Solutions.

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Music Lovers focuses on the needs of music lovers, whether for fun or work or both - to protect hearing, enjoy high-end headphone technology or monitor the band while playing with in-ear monitors. We work only with the best, high end providers and provide best hearing care through our Kelowna Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre. Come in to test it out and celebrate sound! Click here to visit our website: Music Lovers!

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Audiology Fort Mac is the only Audiology service consistently serving the Fort McMurray area. This is an outreach clinic of the Kelowna Hearing operation, with monthly visits providing hearing testing, hearing aids, hearing protection and more to the people of Fort McMurray. Click here to visit our website: Audiology Fort Mac.

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Audiology Solutions is Ossicle’s distribution branch of niche Audiology products that are unique, with out-of-the-box solutions that based on out-of-the-box thinking. This includes clinical tools for both patient diagnostics and treatment. Click here to visit our website: Audiology Solutions.

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